Brand Identity

To create a corporate brand is to create a perception, a perception that leads the customer to believe that a company – and the products and services it offers – are worth more than its competitors.  And, though creating a new brand is a monumental challenge, we’ll take you through the entire brand development process, from market research to uncovering the hidden strengths of what you’re selling. Finally, we’ll produce a logo, tagline, positioning strategy, website, capabilities brochure and stationary that correctly positions you in your market. Please scroll down to view some of our logo designs.

Logo Design

Designing a custom logo for your company is just one step of the branding process, but it is one of the most important parts of your brand identity. Our graphic design team will initially develop logo concepts based on you business goals, market environment and our assessment of how your company and products/services should be perceived in your marketplace. Once a logo is finalized, we’ll provide all logo files and can include layout recommendations for stationary, collateral, media and other elements.

Brand Research

There are several key reasons why your company should consider re-branding or developing a new brand. Is your brand relevant? Do you need to position the company for the future?  Is your company introducing new products? Regardless of reason, the intention is always the same – to differentiate the business and remain relevant in the minds of your target while remaining true to a core value proposition. Our brand research will help to understand the current value of your brand and plot a course to reinforce its core strengths and address vulnerabilities and threats.

Brand/Image Campaigns

The introduction of a new brand (or rebranding) should happen quickly – creating an almost overnight introduction of the new identity. The “introduction” should also be heralded by an integrated marketing or branding campaign. The new identity, combined with integrated digital marketing and traditional advertising campaigns will help achieve value positioning and mind-share goals. Our team will develop and execute image campaigns that will attract attention quickly, get high-level messages to market, create market differentiation and awareness, boost awareness and build a sustainable brand image for the long term.


Corporate Identity Manual

The Corporate Identity Manual will include the company’s policy for using and reproducing the new logo, as well as the specifications and information of how to use it (website, social media, signage, on vehicles, in advertising, on stationary, etc.) The corporate identity manual/guide is a very important and useful tool that will help keep your brand identity consistent across all communications and customer touch-points, which is crucial to building awareness, and establishing your (unique) identity. Most important, it’s an important way to build brand value.

Some examples of logos we’ve designed for our clients:

The Arizona New Mexico Telephone Association serves and represents rural telephone companies throughout Arizona and New Mexico.

Rainbow Communications is a rural telecom provider offering broadband, voice, video and security services in Kansas.

Top Hand Trainer is a product designed to help swing the (baseball) bat better and with more power.

Tait Cabinetry and Woodworking provides master wood working and custom cabinetry for homes and businesses.

Rb3 is a special paint/coating for metal applications and is manufactured by Continental Coatings, an international paint manufacturer.

The Protect Our Children logo was designed for a campaign used by San Bernardino County Tobacco Control Services.

Nashville Career Days is an annual event that targets recent college graduates to help them meet with potential employers.

Molalla Communications is located in Oregon and is a rural provider of broadband, voice and video services.

The MOAB (Mother Of All Bats) logo was designed for a high-end graphite baseball bat line.

Lulus Waikiki Surf Club is a bar/restaurant located in Honolulu Hawaii.

K&R Distributors is a company providing specialty Mexican food distribution to the Southwest.

GPX is a high-performance paint coatings for metal applications. It is manufactured by Continental Coatings, an international paint manufacturer.

Farmers Mutual Telecom Company is a rural telecom provider offering voice, video and data services.

Firewire Broadband is the brand name/identity for the broadband services offered by Ben Lomand Connect in rural Tennessee.

Filer Mutual Telephone is based in Filer, Idaho and provides broadband and voices services to residential and business customers.

Envada, a subsidiary of Molalla Communications, provides Internet service to rural markets in Oregon.

Delcom provides voice, video and data services to rural markets in southwest Texas.

Chem Jet International is an manufacturer of paint and coating products. provides an online source for viewing photos of each campsite in public and private RV campgrounds throughout the United States.

Camellia Communications, based in Camellia Alabama, provides voice, video and data services.

Ben Lomand Connect is located in McMinnville Tennesse and offers broadband, voice, video and security services to residential and business customers in rural Tennessee.

ATC Communications serves rural areas in southern Idaho and provides broadband and voice services to residential and business customers.

California 14ers profiles the 14,000 foot peaks located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California.

Our Approach to Branding

Branding today is a much difference practice than it was even 10 years ago. It includes your promise to your consumers, perceptions in the marketplace, expectations & experiences, a persona, and a number of other elements including your logo, website design, collateral, signage, company culture, communications, etc. Our brand experts will first asses your current situation including your company’s goals, market factors and current brand perception. Once  identified, we will focus on designing a logo and developing a brand that is relevant and differentiates your company/services in the minds of your target market.

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CMJ Media specializes in branding, web design, SEO, digital media, strategic and integrated marketing solutions for rural telecom, high-tech, manufacturing and outdoor recreation companies.

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