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Digital Marketing

Given the evolution of the Internet, applications and social media, and the fact that everyone will continue to move toward everything digital – every business that wants to succeed online needs to have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy. Our digital marketing experts will focus on developing and executing the digital/online marketing strategies that will work best for your specific market so that your website (and company) will shine bright in the digital universe.  Our digital marketing services include: social media marketing (SMM), content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, e-mail marketing, analytics analysis and optimization.


Analytics & Optimization

Our market research, analytics and analysis will provide key insights, improve customer engagement and better results across your online and offline channels. We utilized the latest technology and analytical tools to capture critical data of how visitors are engaging with your website and social media channels. This in turn will help us optimize your content and digital marketing strategies, increase traffic, generate more leads and ultimately outperform your competition.

Design & Production

CMJ Media can create and produce any type of online (digital) or offline (traditional) ad including (but not limited to): inter-galactic memos, videos, banner ads, audio/radio, mailers, insertions, collateral pieces, newsletters, door-hangers, fliers, posters, banners, Point-Of-Purchase (POP) displays, packaging, labeling or just about anything else you may need.

Strategic Marketing

Our strategic marketing services includes evaluating your current situation and then developing a strategic marketing plan to help your business identify resources, understand the nuances of your customers, determine the best promotional offers, budget accordingly and ultimately reach its goals and objectives. Moreover, the marketing strategies will allow you to create and utilize consistent messaging, and identify the most appropriate tactics to effectively reach your different market segment online and offline.


Studies show that people vastly prefer watching an online video over reading and this spans nearly every industry and demographic. But that doesn’t mean just any old online video will be effective. CMJ Media has been producing award-winning broadcast and online videos for over 20 years. Our video production team can create, produce, optimize and promote cost-effective online videos that will help your company engage with your customers, increase traffic to your website, generate leads and build relationships with your constituents. 


The Arizona New Mexico Telephone Association serves and represents rural telephone companies throughout Arizona and New Mexico.
Rainbow Communications is a rural telecom provider offering broadband, voice, video and security services in Kansas.
Top Hand Trainer is a product designed to help swing the (baseball) bat better and with more power.

GVNW Consulting is one of the leading consulting firms in the US and offers services to rural telecom/broadband providers.

Ben Lomand Connect is located in McMinnville Tennesse and offers broadband, voice, video and security services to residential and business customers in rural Tennessee.
Rb3 is a special paint/coating for metal applications and is manufactured by Continental Coatings, an international paint manufacturer.
The Protect Our Children logo was designed for a campaign used by San Bernardino County Tobacco Control Services.
Molalla Communications is located in Oregon and is a rural provider of broadband, voice and video services.
The MOAB (Mother Of All Bats) logo was designed for a high-end graphite baseball bat line.
Lulus Waikiki Surf Club is a bar/restaurant located in Honolulu Hawaii.

SRX23 is a product offered by Rayzist, the world’s leading manufacturer of Photoresist Films and Sandcarving Equipment.

K&R Distributors is a company providing specialty Mexican food distribution to the Southwest.
GPX is a high-performance paint coatings for metal applications. It is manufactured by Continental Coatings, an international paint manufacturer.
Firewire Broadband is the brand name/identity for the broadband services offered by Ben Lomand Connect in rural Tennessee.

Best Rivers to Raft is a website featuring whitewater rafting on rivers throughout the United States.

Nashville Career Days is an annual event that targets recent college graduates to help them meet with potential employers.
Tait Cabinetry and Woodworking provides master wood working and custom cabinetry for homes and businesses.
Farmers Mutual Telecom Company is a rural telecom provider offering voice, video and data services.
Filer Mutual Telephone is based in Filer, Idaho and provides broadband and voices services to residential and business customers.
Envada, a subsidiary of Molalla Communications, provides Internet service to rural markets in Oregon.
Delcom provides voice, video and data services to rural markets in southwest Texas.
Chem Jet International is an manufacturer of paint and coating products. provides an online source for viewing photos of each campsite in public and private RV campgrounds throughout the United States.
Camellia Communications, based in Camellia Alabama, provides voice, video and data services.
ATC Communications serves rural areas in southern Idaho and provides broadband and voice services to residential and business customers.
California 14ers profiles the 14,000 foot peaks located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California.

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